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insan publications has taken its first step into the world of publishing, as it aims to convey the wisdom of Islamic culture and its main contributions within the fields of philosophy, history, Sufism and literature, and Ottoman thought in particular, to the international arena. insan publications is a worldwide trademark of İnsan Yayınları, which has been contributing significantly to the cultural and intellectual life of Turkey for 25 years. Our four new titles, Love in Sufism, Abd al-Qadir Jilani, Bahauddin Naqshband and the Ethical Dimension of Human Attitude Towards Nature that appeared in the spring of 2008, should provide insight to readers regarding the philosophy, vision and goals of insan publications.


Our Publications

EAST And WEST: Common Spiritual Values, Scientific-Cultural Links
Professor Aida Imanguliyeva
ISBN: 978-975-574-56-67
List Price: $ 50 US
This book consists of the texts presented inInternational Ibn Arabî Symposium (East and West: Common Spiritual Values, Scientific-Cultural Links) on 9-10 October 2009 in Baku, which was devoted on the 70th Brithday of great Azerbaijani s and Arabist, Professor Aida Imanqulieva...

Jesus and Muhammad as Charismatic Leaders: A Muslim Perspective
İbrahim Görener
ISBN: 978-605-5949-08-2
List Price: $50 US
Both Jesus and Muhammad had their differences in terms of their personalities, social, religious, geographical, economic conditions, and backgrounds yet each was called to a prophetic mission by the same Divine Being...

St Paul: The Architect of Christianity
Şinasi Gündüz
ISBN: 978-605-5949-09-9
List Price: $50 US
Paul is one of the most controversial figures in the history of Christianity who is often viewed as a missionary, an original thinker, a prominent theologian, as well as a messenger and a prophet who preached the message of...

The Path of Love
M. Nusret Tura
ISBN: 978-605-5949-10-5
List Price: $20 US
This is a collection of essays of the late Mehmed Nusret Tura (1903-1979), a contemporary Sufi, published during 1967-1968 in two different newspapers.

Religion and Politics in Turkey: The Case of İskenderpaşa Community
Emin Yaşar Demirci
ISBN: 978-605-5949-07-5
List Price: $50 US
The most influential of traditional religious brotherhoods is the Naqshbandi community, whose members include many prominent politicians including the late President Turgut Özal, former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, and the current Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, all of...

Does God Exist?
İsmail Latif Hacınebioğlu
ISBN: 978-605-5949-04-4
List Price: $50 US
The cosmological argument that has deep philosophical and historical roots, especially in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, is one of the most important arguments for logical, epistemological and methodological discussions about the existence of God.

Is Scientific Knowledge Rational?
Halil Rahman Açar
ISBN: 978-605-5949-06-8
List Price: $50 US
The dominance of science as well as its status are indisputable in today’s culture. Today, while rationality has come to be identified with science, natural science is considered to be the best instance of rational thought.

Love in Sufism
Süleyman Derin
ISBN: 978-605-5949-01-3
List Price: $50 US
Love in Sufism by Süleyman Derin not only provides us with a comprehensive account of the Sufi paradigms of love presented by Rabia, Hallaj, al-Ghazali, Ibn Arabi and Ibn al-Farid but also provides insight into the social and historical context of their milieu...

The Ethical Dimension of Human Attitude Towards Nature
İbrahim Özdemir
ISBN: 978-605-5949-00-6
List Price: $50 US
With an awareness of the moral and metaphysical dimensions present in environmental problems, İbrahim Özdemir presents the consequences of the human-nature relationship...

Bahauddin Naqshband
Necdet Tosun
ISBN: 978-605-5949-03-7
List Price: $7 US
Bahauddin Naqshband of Bukhara, known as the reviver of the Khwajagan school, is one of the most eminent Sufi figures of the 14th century...

Abd al-Qadir Jilani
Dilaver Gürer
ISBN: 978-605-5949-02-0
List Price: $7 US
Abd al-Qadir Jilani, a leading Sufi figure of the 12th century, has been touching the lives of people for centuries...

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